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Company profile


We are a distribution company specialized in the sale of data storage products, IT accessories and consumer electronics.  Our activities impact the development of new technologies and the strength of the brands we represent.  We distribute the products of top global manufacturers of data storage and data transfer media.

Services – Custom-made Manufacturing

We offer the custom-made manufacture of CDs/DVDs, including packaging and printing, data duplication on CD/DVD, USB Flash and memory cards.

IT Advertising Services

We offer a broad portfolio of USB products suitable for advertising and promotional purposes.  We create these based on customers‘ specific wishes.


DISKUS was founded in 1991 and currently operates on the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets.

We distribute

-    optical data media produced by Imation, Kodak, Memorex, Philips, Sony, TDK and Verbatim
-    flash data media produced by Imation, Kingmax, Memorex, Philips, PQI and Verbatim
-    portable hard disks from Imation, Iomega, Memorex and Verbatim
-    professional data tapes from HP, IBM, Imation, Sony, SUN and TDK
-    printers from Canon, Epson, HP and others
-    GPS navigation devices from Dynavix
-    consumer goods produced under the Armor, Canon, Epson, HP and other brands
-    peripheral consumer electronics from Philips and TDK

and other products that we continually add to our stock.

Our Goal

- to obtain the lead position on the market for portable data storage media, consumer goods and peripheral consumer electronics.

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Company Certifications and Documents

Entry in the Commercial Register - DISKUS, spol. s r.o. - download.
Proof of registration - DISKUS, spol. s r.o. - download.
Proof of recycling authorization - REMA, EKOKOM.
Trade license (purchase of goods for intended further sale and sale of goods)  - download.
Trade license (facilitating trade and services) - download.
Trade license (manufacture, copying, recording and distribution of audio and audio-visual recordings) - download.
Trade license (packaging activities) - download.

The history of DISKUS

1991:  DISKUS spol. s r.o. is established in Czechoslovakia.  The company obtains a distribution agreement with SENTINEL, N.V.  Growth in number of contracts with software companies.  Sales of tailor-made embossed disks.  The company has 3 employees.
1992:  Diskette duplication.
1993:  Set up of DISKUS, s.r.o. in Slovakia.  Opening of branch offices in Brno and Ostrava.  DISKUS signs distribution agreement with Imation Europe.  Further company development.
1994:  Distribution of CD optical media, expansion of tailor-made, embossed CD production.
1995:  Company signs contract with Verbatim GmbH.  DISKUS now has 12 employees.
1996:  Expansion of the portfolio to include the Philips, Sony and Traxdata brands, CD duplication.
1997:  Establishment of the DISKUS multimedia, spol. s r.o. company in the Czech Republic.  Production of multi-media presentations.
1998:  Opening of main operational facility in a reconstructed building at Sokolovská 154 in Prague 8.  The company now has 25 employees – turnover and profit are growing.
2000:  DISKUS becomes a „Diamond“ distributor for IBM data tapes.  Company grows to 35 employees.
2001:  Company expands to include Memorex brand.
2002:  The company’s offices and storage facility in Prague 8 are damaged during massive floods.  Thanks to the hard work of all employees business operations continue uninterrupted.
2004:  Growth in CD/DVD production and embossing.  DISKUS now has 48 employees.
2006:  Separation of manufacture and service/repair activities – the DISKUS dataservis, spol. s r. o. company is set up in the CR.  DISKUS becomes distributor of optical media and accessories for the TDK brand.
2007:  Expansion of offering to include tailor-made production of USB Flash products for promotional purposes – IT Advertising.
2008:  Establishment of DISKUS Polska o. z. p. in Cracow.  The Polish company focuses on the distribution and servicing of data tapes.  DISKUS begins to distribute consumer electronics.