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Warranty Policy

The claim can be put at any DISKUS, spol. s r.o. point of sale or can be sent at the address of the Complaint Department of DISKUS, spol. s r.o., Sokolovská 154, Praha 8 180 00, Czech Republic, in compliance with the Warranty Policy.

The Warranty Policy

1. Only the goods purchased at DISKUS, spol. s r.o. can be claimed.

2. Guarantee claims shall be settled in accordance to the provisions of the Commercial Code, as amended,  within the period of 30 days, starting with the moment of the acceptance of the returned goods.

3. Warranty period shall be 24 months from the delivery date of the goods.

4. Sales returns shall be settled in the service centres of Seller (please visit http://www.diskus.cz for the current list), if it is not stipulated otherwise in the contract or if the claims are not governed by the specific measures set in the original warranty certificate provided directly by the manufacturer or the distributor of the product.

5. If the original warranty certificate provided by the manufacturer/distributor is the part of the goods, which stipulates the claim conditions and service partners, raising claims for the goods shall be governed by the regulations of the manufacturer/distributor. The Buyer shall be obliged to meet the manufacturer’s/distributor’s provisions.

6. When raising a claim for goods, the Buyer shall be obliged to provide:
a) complete goods including all the original accessories (user manuals, disks and floppy disks, cables etc..),
b) a document proving the rightfulness of the warranty claim,
c) the report with a clear description of the defect.

7. The rightfulness of the claim shall be documented by the Buyer by presenting a valid proof of purchase of the goods.

8. If the Buyer sends the goods for which the claim is made, by a forwarder, the packaging shall be visibly marked with the text CLAIMED GOODS. This measure is necessary for speeding up the identification of the consignment. Unpaid and unspecified consignments shall not be accepted.

9. If the Buyer does not provide the requisites and goods in compliance with points 6 and 7, the Seller reserves the right to refuse the claim. At such case the goods shall be returned to the Buyer by the usual forwarder at the expense and hazard of the Buyer.

10. After taking over, the goods shall be tested and based on the results further processed. The goods submitted for the warranty claim shall be tested only for the defect notified by the Buyer in writing (in the Warranty Claim Form). The Seller will charge the work of the technician to the Buyer when the description of the defect is insufficient. When the results for rejecting the claim are discovered, the Buyer shall be urgently notified of this fact by the RMA department and the claim shall be further considered unjustified. In case of submitting any unjustified claim, the Seller shall be entitled to be refunded the service costs incurred to him, related to handling and diagnosing the defect (fixed hour rate: CZK 500).

11. DISKUS shall be entitled for refunding both service and organisational costs related to handling and testing the goods at the amount of CZK 500 without VAT a case, if:
- the defect will not manifestate in testing and the goods will be found fully operative,
- the warranty period has expired,
- the defect has been caused by improper handling with the goods.
In case of the above stated conditions the goods, for which the warranty claim is made, shall be returned to the Buyer at his own expense.

12. After-warranty claims shall be paid by the Buyer. The Buyer shall be notified in writing or by phone of the supposed price of repair work. Accepting the price, he/she undertakes to pay the invoice for repairing the goods to the stated sum. DISKUS reserves the right to refuse the requirement for repair of the defective goods after the expiration of the warranty period.

13. The warranty claim cannot be raised under the conditions as follows:
- if the valid purchase document proving the purchase of the goods has been lost,
- if the protective or warranty seals or labels, if any, are damaged,
- in case of ordinary wear and tear, or excessive mechanical wear and tear
- in case of deliberate damaging the goods or after a damage by negligence,
- after damaging the goods when improper accessories to the goods are used,
- if the goods have been damaged in any other way physically or mechanically and it can be proved that such damage could not have been caused by a proper usage of the goods,
- at CDs and DVDs pollution nor mechanical damage must not be evident, nor record must be made (even in case of mechanical damage from the production or manufacturing defect),
- if the goods have been damaged during the transport (such damage should be settled directly with the forwarder ),
- in case of using the goods under conditions, which do not correspond in the terms of temperature, humidity, chemical and mechanical impacts to standard office environment,
- in case of unprofessional installation, operating, handling or negligent care of the goods,
- if the goods or their part have been attacked by a computer virus,
- if the defect is manifested only in software, at which the Buyer is not able to prove the legal way of acquisition, or when unauthorised software and consumables are used,
- at damage caused by excessive usage or usage contrary to the provisions provided in the documentation or general conditions,
- in ink cartridges, at which weight loss is more than 10%.

14. If a claim is raised for a print media, it shall be accompanied by a print pattern demonstrating the claimed defect. If there is a suspected damage of the device by an unoriginal cartridge, it necessary to submit the statement of the service technician that the defect has been caused by the usage of such cartridge, and send the used cartridge, the print pattern, and the depreciated part of the device.

15. DISKUS, spol. s r.o. bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the loss of data resulting from the defect of any storage device. Storage devices are the devices, the failure rate of which is an objective phenomena with random occurrence of failures. The Seller warns the Buyer by means of the above statement of the mentioned fact and recommends him to perform systematic backup of user data at an appropriate device.

16. Raising claims for data tapes
IMATION, IBM, SUN data tapes
It is necessary for the Customer to specify one of the following reasons of non-functionality of the tape (code):
101 – the tape does not operate
102 – the tape is broken
103 – the tape gets jammed in the drive
104 – it cannot be formatted
105 – writing and reading on the tape is not possible
106 – the tape is rejected by the drive
107 – the tape is crumpled
108 – backup on the tape is not possible
109 – damaged data on the tape
110 – there are impurities on the tape
112 – other reason (please specify)
113 – interrupted servo track
- type of the computer
- operational system
- type of backup software
- if the tape has been used in the separate drive or the library (exact type)
Claims, which does not comply with the above requisites, shall not be accepted.

17. The Buyer shall be informed on the process of settling the claim directly by the responsible technician:

Phone: +420 227 030 011
E-mail: reklamace@diskus.cz

18. The goods shall be sent back to Buyer at the expense of DISKUS after performing the warranty service. Possible personal collection is possible after arranging it with RMA department.

19. If it is not possible to meet the stipulated period for settling the claim, i. e. 30 days, the buyer is notified by the RMA department and he is proposed the period for settling the claim to be extended or the exchange, lending alternative goods or crediting the cost of the goods.
In the process of settling any claim or dispute resulting from a claim, all valid laws and regulations shall be respected, especially Sec. 422 to 441 of the Civil Code.

The Warranty Policy makes void all previous measures on settling claims and returned goods and shall be effective from 1. 3. 2004. We reserve the right to modify the Warranty Policy without previous warning.

Date of the last amendment: 21.9.2009