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LTO Ultrium 6 IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

LTO-6 will be the sixth generation of LTO tape and will up the ante with storage for 2.5 TB of raw data, up to 6.25 TB with 2.5:1 compression and transfer rate of 160MB/Sec (this translates to 400MB/second compressed). The impressive increase in tape density will be achieved by utilizing a newly developed magnetic particle and other key advances in manufacturing technology
The LTO program roadmap calls for the following capacity and performance figures of future generations:

  • LTO 6 Tape will have a capacity of 2.5 TB (uncompressed and up to 6.25TB (assuming a 2.5:1 compression)
  • Data transfer speed:  of 160MB/s native and up to 400 MB/s (assuming a 2.5:1 compression)
  • Supports LTFS (Linear Tape File System)

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