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LTO Ultrium tape cases

Manufacturer: Turtle Case
Part Number: LTO20
Transportation case for LTO
Capacity: 20 PCE
Colour: black
Lenght: 43,93 cm
Width: 35,77 cm
Height: 15,38 cm

LTO20 Turtle Case
Part Number: LTO5
Transportation case for LTO
Capacity: 5 PCE
Colour: blue
Lenght: 28,24 cm
Width: 20,70 cm
Height: 13,80 cm
LTO5 Turtle Case


Transportation case for DLT/LTO
Capaticy: 1 PCE
Pojemność: 1 szt
Colour: red
Lenght: 18,83 cm
Width: 20,08 cm
Height: 5,02 cm


Main features:

  • double Wall Construction:

              – absorbs impact, reducing shock to the tapes
              – provides insulation against extreme temperatures

  • thermal isolation
  • high Density Materia
       – tough and lightweight polyethylene
       – no rust, no sharp edges
       – excellent protection
       – low cost to transport
       – no moisture
  • vertical, upright positioning of media

             – prevents damage to the tapes
             – protects your data

  • recessed smooth grip handles

             – easy to carry, easy to stack

  • self locking, double-strong latches

             – safe & lockable for added security


  • molded dividers securely maintain cartridges
  • patented impact resistant contours
  • trapped air space reduces thermal shock

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